Frequently Asked Questions

We are happy to answer questions and inquiries. If you don't see your question below and would like more information on our courses, certificates, and collaboration with the Andrews University DSc degree, please email us and we will be happy to help.


Does Aspire offer a fellowship program?

We plan to start a Fellowship Program in the fall of 2021 in collaboration with Andrews University in Berrien Springs, MI.  We will be offering reciprocity to students from other programs on an individual basis. Please sign up for our email list to receive updates.

Aspire offers its courses as CEU's for those interested in developing their manual therapy and clinical reasoning skills. We accept students in their 3rd year of PT school as well.

There are Sabbath Friendly Courses Available.

What certificates can I earn?

After completing the first 6 courses, therapists are able to sit for an oral examination and earn their certification in manual therapy (COMT). Following the last 5 courses, therapist sit for a final oral examination to earn their certification in orthopedic spinal manipulation (SMT).

Can I earn a doctorate as well?

Aspire is proud to partner with Andrews University in Berrien Springs MI, to offer our courses as part of the DSc advanced degree. Earn your doctorate while advancing your clinical skills. All Courses and Exams Have Sabbath Friendly Options.

Can I host courses at my clinic?

If you would like to host our courses at your clinic or site, we are happy to discuss adding a new location. Please contact 

to discuss how we could collaborate. 

Can I become a Lab Assistant, CFI, or faculty?

If you would like to become a Clinical Fellowship Instructor (CFI), please contact us. Our fellowship program, in conjunction with Andrews University, should be launching in the fall of 2021. Also, if you are interested in lab assisting, please contact us at Once you are approved and we have your mal-practice insurance, you can contact the individual faculty members to request to be a lab assistant. Applying for faculty status is by invitation only.