Program Overview:

ASPIRE OMT Fellowship is a three year clinical fellowship program taught by well-recognizable and experienced faculties within the OMT profession. Many of our faculty have taught in both a Fellowship Program and university program and have experience in teaching, mentoring,  and guest lecturing internationally.

Mission Statement:

ASPIRE OMT Fellowship is committed to creating mastery-level physical therapists and mentored leaders within OMT who can effectively manage highly complex patients. This program emphasizes an eclectic, quadrant-based approach toward treating the whole person and integrating clinical reasoning, differential diagnosis, and evidence-informed evaluation and management for neuromusculoskeletal dysfunctions.


ASPIRE OMT fellowship program is designed to work around your schedule and has over 35 CFI’s dispersed around the United States available to mentor our Fellow-in-Training students. ASPIRE OMT has over 10 sites spanning the United States, in order to decrease the transportation burden on the Fellows-In-Training.

Students will achieve COMT certification and SMT certification during the process of completing ASPIRE OMT Fellowship.


Additionally, students will:

  • Sharpen evaluation skills: Detailed biomechanical assessments lead to more accurate diagnosis and clearer treatment paths. 

  • ​Master differential diagnosis: Rule out serious pathology. Know when to make appropriate referrals. 

  • Expand the treatment approach:  An eclectic treatment approach expands your clinical toolbox.

  • Strengthen the clinical reasoning: Understanding clinical patterns leads to more accurate diagnosis, decreased treatment time, and improved outcomes

  • ​Receive clinical mentorship:  Supervised clinical practice reinforces the acquisition of new techniques and reasoning skills, leading to a higher-level competence and confidence.  

Admission Requirements:

  • A physical therapist in good standing with a physical therapy license to practice in the US.

  • A minimum of one year (2000 hours) of orthopaedic physical therapy clinical experience

    • Demonstrate proof of individual personal malpractice/liability insurance coverage with a professional consulting liability rider.

  • And one of the following: 

    • The candidate will have successfully passed all of ASPIRE OMT’s COMT level courses, or equivalent courses (including post-course exams and the oral comprehensive exam) 

    • The candidate will have passed 5 out of 6 of ASPIRE OMT’s COMT courses and will submit a structured timeline and plan to complete the final ASPIRE OMT, COMT level course, or equivalent course (including post-course tests and oral comprehensive exam) within 12 months of admission into the ASPIRE OMT Fellowship.

    • The candidate has graduated from an ABPTRFE-accredited orthopaedic or sports residency program and has successfully completed an entrance examination. The entrance examination consists of 6 written tests associated with each of ASPIRE OMT's 6 COMT courses and the comprehensive oral COMT practical examination.


ASPIRE OMT Fellowship is an applicant for accreditation with ACOMPTE. Achieving applicant status is not an indication that ACOMPTE will grant initial accreditation. If granted initial accreditation, the effective date will be the date of the site visit upon which the successful accreditation decision was based. 

Please reach out to us to start a fellowship application and/or more information or use contact us link below.