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Aspire strongly appreciates the role of mentorship in clinical education. We want to provide our community with access to our clinical instructors who are partnering with us to continue to support you in your journey in manual therapy.

Here is an opportunity to tap into the minds of manual therapy clinicians in the field. Join a zoom mentorship/study session and dive into the topics in which you would like to dig deeper. Review course material, listen to case studies, and ask questions.  Enjoy a review session to help you prepare for your oral COMT and SMT exams. Get to know our clinical fellowship instructors and make connections with fellow Aspire community members. Sign up today. We look forward to seeing you!


Our goal is to engage, educate and empower each individual to ASPIRE to new levels in their education. Faculty and CFI’s can be available for discussions of difficult cases, technique practice, or study groups in preparation for our oral exams.

Register for a mentorship study session, or enjoy them all as a complimentary benefit of the Membership program.


Mentorship Sessions


Register your Mentorship session
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