• Are you interested in getting easy access to presentations from ASPIRE OMT’s Inner Circle of Clinicians? 

  • Are you ready to receive innovative, practice changing and easily digestible webinars on a weekly basis? 

  • Are you focused on improving your skills, knowledge and understanding of how to treat the whole person? 

  • Do you enjoy learning from expert clinicians who are passionate about helping you and your practice? 


Then, ASPIRE’s Membership Program is the answer.


What is ASPIRE OMT’S Inner Circle?

  • An exclusive membership to have direct access to the clinicians of ASPIRE OMT and other motivated clinicians like yourself.

  • A way to have easy access to your favorite past and present presentations done by highly trained faculty and clinical fellowship instructors

  • Experience a variety of educational formats such as Webinars, Case Studies, Techniques, Literature Review, Mentorship Sessions, etc. 

  • A key to unlimited access to innovative, transformative and thought-provoking webinars that can be watched live or at your own pace

  • An opportunity to further your focus on improving your skill set, knowledge and expertise in truly treating the whole person

  • A network of expert clinicians from ASPIRE OMT who are passionate about helping you and your practice stand out as leaders amongst your peers

What is the ASPIRE OMT Membership Program?

The ASPIRE Membership Program is a paid monthly subscription which gives the participants access to current, innovative, and specialized educational content related to Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapy which is consistent with the values, standards and mission of ASPIRE.

Membership means that you have easily accessible, high value education which can be viewed at your convenience on your time.  Membership facilitates lifelong learning, enhances your ability to treat the whole person and improves your efficacy in managing challenging patients. 

In addition to having access to all of the new educational content being offered, you will also get access to the ASPIRE OMT’s bank of prior webinars.

ASPIRE’s Membership Program is being offered at an introductory cost of $30 per month for the first year of operation. 

Subscribers can save an additional $5 per month by signing up for a yearly subscription for $300. 

You can cancel at any time.  Membership is not required for the Certification, Residency or Fellowship programs but can substantially help you through those processes.

What type of Educational Content is being offered and who may be presenting?

ASPIRE OMT is constantly altering content topics and presentations to give you the best value for your time and money.  Topics will be diverse and given by highly trained clinicians who have specialized training in the areas being covered.  ASPIRE webinars are focused on making you more effective in the clinic. 

Do you have suggestions for a presentation on a specific topic?  Let the ASPIRE Membership Committee know and we will try to set it up with a specialist.  You can contact the Membership Committee:

You will have the option of participating in these presentations/ workshops by live streaming from Facebook or by using Zoom. 

Looking for a specific topic or presentation?  Simply go to ASPIRE’s Inner Circle Group and do a search.