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ASPIRE OMT is a post-professional planned learning experience that focuses on evidence based clinical practice, mentorship, and education. In the ASPIRE system, clinical reasoning and biomechanics are given a strong emphasis. The institute is formatted to allow flexibility for professionals to advance at their own pace as time, finances, and experience allows. The structured programing is designed to take clinicians from new graduates to skilled professional, with a steady progression of skills. There are 11 courses that make up the core curriculum.


They are offered in 3 day sessions(1 online, and 2 on-site). The faculty and lab assistants provide courses that are heavy in the lab portion, giving time for guidance to allow our clinicians to excel in competency. When the first 6 courses are completed, the clinicians may take oral examinations and earn a certificate of manual therapy(COMT). After the final 5 courses and examination, they will earn a certification in Spinal Manipulative Therapy(SMT). These courses can also be taken as CEU’s(21 hrs per course).

Mission Statement

"Empowering physical therapists, through clinical reasoning, bio-mechanical assessments, and specific techniques, to treat each patient as a whole. While, at the same time, conducting ourselves with empathy, compassion, and respect...above all else"


Who We Are

We are here to help you build your skills and confidence as a manual therapist. We want to empower you with the tools to take your expertise to the next level.

Our Aspire

Analytical Skills in Pettman's Institute of Reasoning and Empowerment

Why Aspire

Sharpen your evaluation skills:

Detailed bio-mechanical assessments lead to more accurate diagnosis, making your treatment path more clear.

Master Differential Diagnosis:

Rule out serious pathology. Know when to make appropriate referrals. You won't miss red flags.

Master Differential Diagnosis:

An eclectic treatment approach expands your clinical tool box.

Master Differential Diagnosis:

An eclectic treatment approach expands your clinical tool box.

Strengthen your clinical reasoning:

Understanding clinical patterns leads to more accurate diagnosis, decreased treatment time, and improved outcomes

Receive clinical mentorship:

Supervised clinical practice reinforces new technique and reasoning skills, leading to a higher level competence and confidence.


Our Commitment

We are an institute that is committed to your success. We strive for a positive learning environment that is facilitated by instructors who love to teach and mentor. We want to partner with you in your journey to becoming an incredible manual physical therapist and master clinician.


We provide a nurturing environment where students can question or struggle without fear of criticism. Rather, we encourage questions and debates to facilitate learning. Your clinical advancement, to becoming an accomplished orthopedic manual therapist, is our goal.

Core Values

→ Achieve the highest levels of excellence in clinical education.

​→ Sensitivity to our students and their patient’s needs.​

→ Passionate about those who teach, learn and treat.​

→ Innovate by thinking outside the box and developing new ways of accomplishing a goal.​

→ Realization of all that you can be.

​→ Embody all that you can hear, see and feel.

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