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ASPIRE OMT Fellowship is a three year clinical fellowship program taught by well-recognizable and experienced faculty within the OMT profession. Many of our faculty have taught in both a Fellowship Program and university program and have experience in teaching, mentoring,  and guest lecturing internationally.


The mission of ASPIRE OMT Institute is to empower physical therapists through clinical reasoning, biomechanical assessments and specific techniques to treat each patient as a whole while at the same time conducting ourselves with empathy, compassion, and respect. To support the Institute, the fellowship program is committed to creating mastery-level physical therapists and mentored leaders within OMT who can effectively manage highly complex patients by emphasizing an eclectic, quadrant-based approach toward treating the whole person and integrating clinical reasoning, differential diagnosis, and evidence-informed evaluation and management for neuromusculoskeletal dysfunctions.


Through completion of the ASPIRE OMT Fellowship, the fellow-in-training will . . . .

Demonstrate critical thinking and evidence informed practice for the management of patients with pain and neuromuscular impairments;

Apply knowledge of anatomy, physiology, behavior science, and biomechanics to evaluate, tree, modify and progress treatment and management of neuromusculoskeletal dysfunctions;

Apply advanced clinical reasoning throughout the assessment and management in OMPT to appropriately manage complex patients with neuromusculoskeletal impairments;

Demonstrate advanced communication skills with clients and/or professional colleagues, including: effective use of active listening skills, questioning strategies, interpersonal skills and other verbal/non-verbal communication skills when providing safe and effective OMPT patient centered care;

Demonstrate an advanced level of practical skills utilizing precision and specificity of techniques, enabling effective assessment and management to enable safe and effective practice within orthopaedic manual therapy;

Demonstrate continued clinical expertise and leadership in OMT and commitment to the professional development within orthopaedic manual therapy;

Demonstrate an understanding and application of the process of research within orthopaedic manual therapy.


A physical therapist in good standing with a physical therapy license to practice in the US.

A minimum of one year (2000 hours) of orthopaedic physical therapy clinical experience.

Demonstrate proof of individual personal malpractice/liability insurance coverage with a professional consulting liability rider.

A successful interview with Aspire OMT's Advisory Board, which is scheduled after the application is received.

As well as one of the following:

Option 1: The candidate will have successfully passed all of ASPIRE OMT’s COMT level courses, or equivalent courses (including post-course exams and the oral comprehensive exam); or

Option 2: The candidate will have passed 5 out of 6 of ASPIRE OMT’s COMT courses and will submit a structured timeline and plan to complete the final ASPIRE OMT, COMT level course, or equivalent course (including post-course tests and oral comprehensive exam) within 12 months of admission into the ASPIRE OMT Fellowship; or

Option 3: The candidate has graduated from an ABPTRFE-accredited orthopaedic or sports residency program and has successfully completed an entrance examination. The entrance examination consists of 6 written tests associated with each of ASPIRE OMT's 6 COMT courses and the comprehensive oral COMT practical examination; or

Option 4: The candidate is an ABPTS board certified specialist in either orthopaedics or sports and has successfully completed an entrance examination. The entrance examination consists of 6 written tests associated with each of ASPIRE OMT’s 6 COMT courses and the comprehensive oral COMT practical examination.


ASPIRE OMT Fellowship will utilize a hybrid approach where clinical and academic curricular activities are performed in-person as well as virtual (synchronous & asynchronous).


Program Requirements:

Complete a minimum of 1,311 total program hours

299 theoretical educational hours

162 practical educational hours

850 patient-care clinic hours inclusive of 150 hours of 1:1 mentoring throughout the program

At least 75 of the 150 mentoring hours must be in-person (1:1)

The participant is the primary patient/client care provider for 75 of the minimum 150 mentoring hours.

The remaining mentoring hours may occur in person or using synchronous or asynchronous methodologies.

Total Aspire Fellowship Program Hours (1,311)

461 Hours - Educational Curriculum

The Cost of the Aspire Fellowship Program is $8300. This does not include travel, exams, and the cost of the 150 hours of 1:1 mentoring. The cost of the mentoring will be between the mentor and mentee.



We are accepting Fellowship applications for Fall 2023.

Please email to learn more!

Program Outcomes

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