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Updated: Apr 4, 2021

Relationships... If there was a class titled Relationshipology, Erl Pettman would certainly qualify as the Distinguished Professor for the course. Over the past 4 decades he has studied the intimate relationships between anatomical structures and their contribution to the functional movement of the human body. Erl’s insatiable hunger to understand the biomechanical and neuromuscular relationships throughout the “whole person” is unparalleled. His comprehensive understanding of embryology allows him to expound on the life-long relationships throughout the human body, which are formulated at the stage of the embryo, when life begins. For decades, Erl has explained the “relationships” (now coined Regional Interdependence) between these structures drawing students and colleagues, alike into exploring this design. At the age of 72, he continues to build upon the knowledge, uncovering yet more relationships, which are often biomechanical or neurophysiological in nature. Every finding, undoubtedly confirms that the neuromusculoskeletal system of the human body was magnificently created to “work together” purposefully and intentionally.

Sitting in Erl Pettman’s course is life-altering. He unquestionably challenges the status quo. He welcomes the engaged student questioning “why” over the compliant student. He inspires the participants to use the relationship between their mind, eyes and hands. Minds that seek truth by utilizing specific analytical skills and clinical reasoning based on foundational knowledge with eyes engaging in careful observation and hands trained to palpate movement. Yet, perhaps the relationship most difficult to explain isn’t actually how a forward head posture could lead to a second metatarsal stress fracture, rather how a teacher could believe more in you than you actually do in yourself. Great teachers and leaders, like Erl, foster relationships to help others see their true potential which propels them further down a path than they dared travel alone. A respected mentor believing in students more than they believe in themselves is counter-cultural in today’s society which is self-promoting.

Anyone can take an online course and get knowledge but without that relationship, that mentoring and the empowerment that you can do it, the knowledge is USELESS. However, if you take a course from Erl, he gives you the knowledge and equips you in the belief that YOU CAN DO IT while offering life-long mentorship. Erl Pettman has an open invitation to a community of empowerment where individuals who ASPIRE excellence are equipped with the tools, as well as the confidence that together they can accomplish far greater than ever imagined alone.

By Valerie Coolman

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